Saturday, June 25, 2005

They're not saying "Boo" they're saying "Soup"

I was at the game last night, which was nice. It is the only time I will ever see two Taguchi dingers and a Molina dinger in the same game. Throw in two from Edmonds and 8 strong innings from Suppan, you got yourself a winner. It runs the Cardinals winning streak in games I attend up around a baker's dozen. I think the Cards should just go ahead and give me season tickets, so they can win every game.

Besides the long balls, it was really nice to see such a good long outing from Suppan. He has had several starts since he has been a Redbird where he confusses hitters and has shutouts go into the fifth or sixth inning. Usually he gets tired at that point, or hitters figure him out and he gives up a few runs and leaves the game. Last night that inning did not come until the ninth. At that point all the Cards needed was Ray King to come in and get one ground ball.

A few roster moves have the Cards bloggers buzzing, so I figured I would give my take:

  • Luna moves up for Seabol. Bad call, Tony says we need another shortstop to give Eckstein rest. But we have Nunez, a natural shortstop and a switch hitter, so he should be able to give David rest any day of the week. Seabol clearly is a better hitter that Luna. He even hits better in the bigs than Luna does at AAA. It will not be devastating, but hopefully, Seabol will be back on the bench heading into September.
  • Cedeno is done for. When Roger got "hurt" all Cards fans were glad to see him off the active roster. But we were all a little worried that he would come back when his time on the DL was up. Fortunatley, the Cards optioned him to AAA. Another team could go after him and make the Cards happy and the Mets thrilled.
  • The Cards traded for an infielder named Tim Hummel. With Seabol going back down, things are going to be crowded at Memphis, I hope a player to be named later is more like Crash Davis than a prospect.
  • Randy Flores goes to the DL, Carmen Cali comes up. Bill Pulsipher anybody? I am not sure which one is hotter right now, but I keep seeing headlines about Pulsipher having good outings.


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