Thursday, June 23, 2005


Chernobyl. Marquis. Mulder.

On May 9th, Mulder and Marquis were both 5-1 and pitching well. Since then most of the wins either one of them has picked up has been due purely to run support (Although Marquis usually provides his own). Each one hit rock bottom in Cinci giving up early runs and being chased out of the game by the fourth inning. I am officially calling out Mulder, Marquis, and Dave Duncan to stop the decline. Gentlemen, it's go time.

Good news:
1) We play Pittsburgh for four games.
2) I am in St. Louis and going to the game Friday and the Cards have a winning streak of near a dozen in games that I attend home or away.
3) The Cubs lost to the Brew Crew despite D-Lee's 3 for 4 two home run day.
4) Matty-Mo goes for 9 and 0.


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