Monday, November 29, 2004

Time to stop mourning

Well it took me a month, but I think I finally have overcome my sweep depression. Think about this, inthe four major sports in the US, the last time each St. Louis Team has gone to the championship, they have been beat by the Boston team. Fucking Beaneaters. Sox v. Cards, Pats v. Rams, Bruins v. Blues (the Bobby Orr diving horizontally thing) and Celtics v. Hawks. I could write five pages about why we lost and what went wrong, but I think everybody watched the series so I will let you judge that for yourself. I will however have an end of the season wrap-up.

This season was AWESOME!!!! Even though we lost the series, it was the most fun baseball season in St. Louis since I've been old enough to know what a slider was. The Cardinals were predicted to be the third team in the NL Central by everybody including Post-Dispatch writers. Instead they were far and away the class of the national league and the second best team in baseball. Pretty much everyone on the team had a very good year. The next few posts will be a Bob-Style-Report-Card and an offseason plan from my view.