Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Questions to Ponder

As we go into September here are some questions on my mind:
1) With the Yankees slipping down into a playoff race and losing their worst game EVER at Yankee Stadium, is there anyone on the same level as the Cardinals?
2) Is anybody associated with USA Men's Basketball watching the World Cup of Hockey? Hart Trophy Winner Martin St. Louis said he was worried he wouldn't be able to make team Canada, and wouldn't be able to play for free, in a sport much more dangerous than basketball, in a setting less prestigious than the Olympics. (sorry that's not about baseball)
3) In April did anyone think that the Cardinals would be the only team with all 5 starters all having 10 wins now?
4) Is there a cosmic connection between Rick Ankiel and Mark Prior in which only one of them can pitch well at a time? The year after Ankiel went nuts Prior came into the league and started Kicking ass. Now when Ankiel is ready to come back, Prior pitching poorly even for a average starter.
5) Do Cardinals fans care as much about the NL MVP as sports writers think they do? Like the players themselves everyone here would rather see team success.
6) When is Ray King going to start advertising for Burger King? Come on, a fat guy named king. My brother can't be the first guy to come up with that idea.
7) Can't ESPN show the entire World Series of Poker already? I like it as much as the next guy, but drawing it out combined with the fact it happened over three months ago has turned me off. I'd rather ESPN would free up their time slot for spelling bees or scrabble championships.
8) Is former Cardinal reject Mike Difelice the missing Cubs ingredient? I guess he's better than Bako, they better hope he gets the Maddux seal of approval for personal catchers.
9) How good is my fantasy team? Carlos Beltran, thank you!
10a) When will Steinbrenner buy the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks entire teams just so he can take Pujols and the Big Unit?
10b) Who is The Boss going to fire and when? Omar Vizquel went 6 for 7 against the Yankees, which is pretty good for a series, however he did it in a GAME!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Keep it Going

After the Cards lost a series to the Reds, who they had dominated this year, I thought that they might be slowing down a little. However they bounced back with a sweep to finish the road trip 4-2, meaning the redbirds still haven't had a losing road trip this year. A bunch of individual statistical plateaus were reached, most coolest of which is the wins. The cards already have more wins than they had all last year, and it's not even September.

I also have to change my playoff rotation views, Marquis pitched really well last night and as of right now deserves a spot. So, sorry Woody, after you vowed not to lose another game this year, you lost one and then got bailed out of another bad start. So, if La Russa wants a four man rotation I saw Williams goes to the pen. Of course sticking with all five guys make sense too.

***Caution bad joke ahead*** The cardinals have so many sweeps this year the schedule is starting to look like a URL full of WWWs. Sorry about that won't happen again.

So now the cards play San Diego at home, and if they have to lose games the rest of year, we want them to be right now. Losing to the Padres could help them beat out the Cubs for wild card. Imagining scenarios, I really wish we finished the season against the Padres or Giants. I could see it happening like this:
Entering the final day of baseball the Cubs are one game behind the Padres. The cubs need to win their day game against the Astros and then have the Cardinals beat the Padres that night. In the day game the cubs are down by three in the bottom of the ninth when Sammy Sosa hits a walk off grand slam. In the night game the Cardinals lose to the Padres, 18-1. Due to a secret pact, the Cardinals win game one of the NLDS 15-0.
Of course I'd rather have the Cards be able to beat the Cubs on the last day of the year themselves. However, that would require the schedule to be created by non-alcoholics with common sense, instead of the idiots who enjoy cutting the best NL rivalry off in July.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sick Child sues after throwing fifth first pitch

Thirteen year old Amanda Flint, a patient at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, is suing the the St. Louis Cardinals after what she calls misleading promises. Amanda was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago.

When contacted by the Make-A-Wish foundation, Amanda told the charity that her dream was to be a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. In order to make this dream come true, Make-A-Wish set up an opportunity for her to throw the first pitch at a Cardinals game, and then meet the players in the dug out.

The day was July 21st, 2004 the sky was blue, it was beautiful day and the first place Cardinals were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Amanda was on the field, wearing a brand new Cardinals uniform, ready to throw out the first pitch when she heard the announcement that crushed her dreams. The public address system blared, "Out to throw today's first pitch, Actor John Goodman." Amanda said she nearly fainted as she watched the overweight star rumble out onto the field. She stood breathless not saying a word for the next minute while the St. Louis born actor took her spotlight. "He has his whole life to throw out he first pitch why does he have to do it on my day," Amanda said, "and Roseanne sucks anyway."

A minute later she was shocked again when three men who had been wounded fighting in Iraq were called to the mound for more "first" pitches. While one man walked to the mound, another used crutches and the third was pushed in his wheel chair. The crowd held a silent reverence as the men got ready, and then erupted with grateful applause as their baseball flew to home plate in unison. Amanda was "totally pissed off and disgusted."

Three more minutes passed after the men left the field, when Amanda's name screamed from every corner of the stadium. In her state off shock Amanda didn't realize it was her turn until one of the ushers told her they were calling her. She wiped some tears off her face as Steve Kline escorted her to a spot about half way between home plate and the pitchers mound. He then handed her a ball and walked to the plate. She threw the ball as hard as she could to show her anger and bounced it a few feet in front of her target. The crowd clapped, but "not nearly as loud as for that fat guy from King Ralph, or those killers," according to Amanda.

A week later Amanda convinced her mother to get a lawyer and sue the Cardinals for a false contract. Amanda's mother Susan Flint explained, "Make-A-Wish is willing to spend thousands on a child, we could have gotten a vacation or something glamorous, so economically we lost a considerable amount on her 'fifth first pitch.' Not to mention all the pain and suffering my child has endured." The Flint's lawyer Melvin Schmidt said, "The Cardinals are the responsible party, and we are looking for 5 million dollars in damages."

Cardinals spokesperson May Howard said, "we are weighing our options, if we have a trial now, Amanda will show up sick and win pity points, but if we wait delay it until she dies, they will have a martyr in the courtroom."

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cubs starting to get some luck or just teasing?

Being the Cub hater that I am, I like to insist that the Cubs woes are due to nothing but old fashioned sucking. Still, I have to admit that they have had some bad luck this year with their first half string of injuries. That seams to be changing. As of right now the cubs are an inning away from their fifth win in a row, which is the first winning streak they've had that I can recall this season. The Cubs might finally be getting some good luck as they were able to work around 10 hits so far to only give up 3 runs. Does this mean they are going to the playoffs? No. Does this mean if they do make the playoffs they will beat someone? No. Does it mean that they are as good as the Red Juggernaut? No. But it does mean that Cubs fans are being set up for another big disappointment.
Just when some cubs fans might have been losing faith in "This year is the year" prophecies, they start winning games to inspire the northside back into a frenzy. They will actually start thinking they are the best team in the league again. And just when they think that they are on their way to the world series, or maybe just the playoffs, Steve Bartman will come. Maybe he will be in the form of Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, or a goat. I, for one, am sure looking forward to his arrival.
Now the Farns actually closed out the game for the cubs, adding to their wild card lead. As much as I would like to see them lose now, I'll be glad they won this game if the Cubs blow it under the October spotlight, especially if the Cards get to be the team to send them packing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Top Five Dumbest Injuries

I heard about JD Drew, that made me laugh, and think about some of the dumb ways athletes miss games, here is my top five dumbest sports injuries from recent memories. Leave a comment if you can think of worse.

5: Mike Matheny cut his hand before the 2000 playoffs. After he opened a letter, he was putting his letter opener back in its holder. It cut right through the holder and went into his hand, he missed the playoffs.
4: JD Drew jumped in the dugout yesterday after BP and hit his head on the ceiling, giving himself a cut so deep he had to go to the hospital.
3: Matt Morris was trying to catch the elevator in his hotel and he slipping on some stairs, hurting his ankle. The kicker is that he was about to make his first start coming off an arm injury.
2: Sammy Sosa threw out his back sneezing this year, enough said.
1: President George W. Bush shortly after taking office was watching some football and eating pretzels, he choked on a pretzel, fell over, hit his head and ended up looking like this

After I wrote this bad boy I searched for more stupid injuries and found this article which is pretty funny

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Playoff Starters?

Here is a question: What order will the cardinals put their starters in for the playoffs? Assuming we keep our lead, La Russa should be able to rest people down the stretch in order to create what ever rotation he wants. A case can be made for any of our five guys, as they will probably have all won between 12 and 16 games. I am also assuming we will use a four man rotation, and let one pitcher go to the bullpen. As I see it today Carpenter still has to be number one. That way he pitches two games if needed in a five game series. After that anything goes. After his last start Woody might be the guy for the bullpen. However, he and Morris are the only two guys with any postseason experience (Marquis has pitched two relief innings), and with what Woody did against Schilling in 2001, La Russa may want to give him the ball. Also, Marquis looked shaky against the Braves in his first game where he felt a lot of pressure, plus he has been a bullpen guy before, so he could be left out. With his last couple of starts, Suppan has made an arguement for a spot in the playoff rotation. Morris, although he is the least consistant starter, has the most playoff experience and in past NLDS game he has gone 24 innings allowing only 3 runs. When he pitches at his best, he is the only guy on our staff who could be considered one of those lights out aces. He should start eight or nine more games, and that will determine his spot. Basically in our last 40 games, everything is up for grabs. If guys keep doing what they've been doing, Carpenter's back feels good, Morris doesn't have any more explosions, and noone else hurts themselves here is how I see it going down:

1: Danny Haren; 2: Rick Ankiel; 3: Kiko Calero; 4: Adam Wainright.

wait, thats in 2009, here it is for now

1: Chris Carpenter; 2: Matt Morris; 3: Jeff Suppan 4: Woody Williams; Bullpen Jason Marquis

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Winning four games in a weekend is pretty damn good. A quick note. If next time Jason Marquis starts, Mabry starts in left field, the Cards could have 8 guys in the lineup batting 300 or better. WOW

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

New Busch Stadium Features

The current Busch Stadium has been the home of the Cardinals for the last 38 years. Over that time it has given the fans a place to come and watch their favorite team, but it has also given them other opportunities. The stadium features a barber shop, batting cages and a pitching cage with a radar gun. The Cardinals thought it would be a good idea to have more of these "extras" in the new Busch Stadium.

When Mark McGwire came to the cardinals, McDonalds created a Big Mac Land in the outfield upper deck, and whenever he hit a dinger into that section everyone got free big mac. With this idea in mind, NASA is creating the "Luna Landing" in honor of shortstop Hector Luna.

Spokesperson Amy Sullivan said, "NASA and the MLB are companies with rich histories engrained in american culture, we want to start a relationship with them, and especially with Hector Luna, who attended space camp in 1991 and 1992." She continued, "The Luna Landing has to be somewhere he can hit it, so we are looking at the area down the third base line out of play just past the dug out." In the event that Luna hits a ball in to the section, NASA will name a star after whoever cathes the ball.

Another of the attractions at the stadium will be bean ball cages. Inspired by the film Happy Gilmore, fans will be able to step into the cage and feel what it is like to be hit by a major league fastball. Tickets will be priced in the five to ten dollar range, and each customer will get thh experience of a changeup, a slider, and a fastball.

The new stadium will also feature a wall built form bricks taken out of the current Busch Stadium. Approximately 2000 bricks will make up the outer wall around the stadium in left field. They will be engraved with great moments in Cardinals History. The rest of the bricks from the Current Busch Stadium will be donated to the Cubs to make repairs on Wrigley Field. Wrigley field engineer Michael McTool said, "We heard they were taking down Busch, which is still 60 years younger than Wrigley, so we called them up and asked them for whatever's left. Wrigley may end up with some more Red, but hopefully it will stop falling apart." If they are lucky maybe the bricks will bring some of the winning Cardinals magic to Chicago to battle the curse.

Mr. Pujols Strikes Again

Over the last four years we've seen Albert Pujols, the phenom, have numbers in the Box Scores like 5-2-3-5 almost weekly, and with Rolen and Edmonds doing the same thing one might become desensitized to the crooked numbers. But last night I was once again stunned by Albert's ability at the plate. Even with the tendons in his foot coming apart, he hit line drive doubles to both sides of the field, and a towering home run.
Here come the Fat Albert Stats: He is now tenth in Average, first in homers and third in RBIs in the NL. In addition he leads the majors in runs scored, where he broke the century mark last night. He is third in OPS, with far more ABs tahtn either of the guys ahead of him. He is also fourth in the league in walks per strike out, meaning he has become a more patient hitter than the last couple years. The two guys right behind him in home runs, Dunn and Thome, each have over three times as many strikeouts.
Izzy gave up a couple of solo shots in the ninth last night when it didn't matter. But that's alright when you're given a big lead you gotta challenge guys with strikes and if they beat you oh well.
Suppan looked real good for the second start in a row. Edmonds struck out a bunch of times, but he's just gonna get his cold streak out of the way so he can get hot again for the playoffs.
I'm going to the game tonight, gonna get a floppy hat so I can be as cool as this guy.

Monday, August 16, 2004

We must be the cowboys

The cards finished up their series with the Atlanta Braves, taking two out of three, and now come home to take on the reds. We sure are playing a lot of Indians (sorry, Native Americans). That's about where the similarities end. The Reds had a great first half holding first place for longer than anyone expected, while the Braves were a sub-500 team. The Braves turned it on big time in the second half by winning almost as much as the Cardinals, meanwhile the Reds fell off into loser land.

Anyway, the Cards took two from Atlanta and the potential that is JD Drew. The batts came out to help our mediocre pitching. Lots o' Dingers, Mr. Pujols and his achy-breaky foot, hit about eleventy homeruns, and Rawhide regained the NL lead in RBIs with a two homer day. Danny Haren pitched a pretty good five innings yesterday securing his place as our innings-guy from the bullpen.

We are sending Suppan, who's coming off a great start, the always exciting Matty-Mo, and Woody up against a trio of pitchers that make me say "who the hell is that." But this year it hasn't mattered who the Reds have thrown at us, we've demolished them.

Friday, August 13, 2004

When things are going your way...

When things are going your way:
1) You win despite only getting two hits and your starter going only 2 innings.
2) You win despite giving Jeff Suppon only 1 run of support.
3) Veteran's like John Mabry are proud to be on the "Hurricane Squad" instead of complaining for more playing time. I have to talk more about the hurricane squad, how great is that!? La Russa is afraid of the wind and rain and puts Mabry, Marlon Anderson, Hector Luna, Roger Cedeno AND Yadier Molina in the starting line-up. You can tell that we are 12 games up and willing to lose one.
4) You get Larry Walker for a minor league outfielder who can't field, and a couple of nobody pitching prospects.
5) You beat the defending World Series Champions in a series where they outscore you 9-5.
6) The day after your bullpen has to pitch 7 innings Jeff Suppon pitches 8+ to give them a days rest.
7) John Mabry is hitting 336
8) You have four pitchers who should get more wins than Kerry Wood has ever got in a season.
9) Your fans want to buy playoff tickets in early August
10) You are the St. Louis Cardinals

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I guess I never put this post up, i made it a few days ago, so it's a little old, but here it is

The cubs got Nomar, so what? . Since then the Cards have pulled even farther away. This month (August, for those of you without jobs COUGH!! huffer COUGH!!!) the cubs are a respectful 5-3 while the cards are 7-1 and have won 6 in a row. The division lead is up to 12.5 and the magic number is down to 39. However, I do have to admit that every day it seems more and more likely that the best rivalry in the NL is not over for 2004. As much as I would like the Cards to play San Diego and the winner of LA/Atlanta, I have to believe we will be seeing the Cubs in the NLCS. And that is AWESOME. A series like the Yankees/Red Sox had last year could end up killing me, and many others, but it would be a good way to go. I would have to say that the cubs match-up well against us on paper despite the 11-8 season series. With a healthy Cubs team, Nomar, and the motivation of last year's near miss, the cubs may take us to seven games before we KICK THEIR ASSES!!!

But wait, I have gone to far ahead, there is still nearly two months of regular season left, there are no guarentees. Except, of course, that we're gonna KICK THE CUBS ASSES!!!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Gold Gloves

With the addition of Larry Walker, the cards now have about 3 buttloads of gold gloves in the everyday lineup. And those are metric buttloads, not little English buttloads. Playing against the mets over the weekend was quite the juxtaposition. Those guys love to double clutch or throws, play groundballs to the side, throw balls from the outfield 5 feet off line...

Maybe fielding is part of the reason the cards are so much better than people thought they would be, when they looked at the cubs and astros on paper at the beginning of the year. Any statistic based on fielding is crap. Fielding percentage, coverage zone or area, or whatever. I guess assists, double plays, and that sort of thing have some limited use. But unless you watch a player over a long time (like a month) you don't really know how good they are in the field. Looking at the cubs and astros line-ups, they are just as good as ours statistically, or at least were last year. But when you look at the gloves, there is no comparison. Adam Everett, Derrek Lee and maybe Corey Patterson are the only guys on those teams that could cut it with the cardinals when it comes to flashing the leather (And Beltran who is currently being rented by the Astros).

Saturday, August 07, 2004

So much good stuff

Where to begin?? Larry Walker; four straight wins to take two more series; Morris and Williams pitching gems; I think I'll start with beer. Hoorah BEER!!!

The new Cardinals ballpark will be they're third Busch Stadium, which is nice. Its a corporate sponsorship, but its old and classic so it doesn't have the evil sound of Petco Park or US Cellular Field. In honor of the naming me and my co-workers went to friday nights game and drank a lot of the cardinals newest and oldest sponsor's product. I ended up watching the game less than I do when I sit at home, as I spent more time yelling at people and actin a fool. We won the game behind solid performances by Matt Morris (Whew!!!!) and Albert Pujols. We showed up about ten minutes late, and to everyone's amazement Matt-Mo was already through the first inning. We took the first of what will hopefully be a sweep of the Mets.

We came back today and eeked out a win in the second game. Woody was awesome, going 7 strong innings, with a perfect first 4 1/3. Larry Walker made his debut with a pinch hit K, stayed in the game, and was intentionally walked before Yadier Molina ate his first slice of Hero Pie .

Larry Walker is huge! He will fill the extra corner outfield spot that has been a rotation all year. Although Mabry has really been hitting the ball well, I don't know how long that would hold up, and Walker is an upgrade at the plate and in the field. It never hurts to have an MVP and three time batting champ. The question I have is the new lineup. I think as long as Edmonds is riding this hot streak it should be, Womack, Renteria, Pujols, Edmonds, Rolen, Walker, Sanders, Matheny. I don't want to move Rolen out of the clean up spot, but that creates a bullpen destroying Right, Left, Right Left, with four .300/30/100 guys. Those four guys have just ridiculous career numbers stacked up, which I don't even want to try to add up but I know that it's over 1000 dingers.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Hall of Fame to display Ted Williams

Major League Baseball announced today that it will be adding a brand new exhibit to the Baseball Hall-of-Fame in Cooperstown. The new exhibit will honor Hall of Fame Slugger Ted Williams and the principle attraction will be Mr. Williams himself. This will be the first exhibit of its kind in any major sports hall of fame.

Ted Williams was cryogenically frozen after he died, despite a legal dispute among relatives in which his daughter claimed Williams should be cremated. This dispute made national news, and grabbed the attention of Hall-of-Fame director Greg Samuelson.

"Williams is with out a doubt one of the game greatest hitters ever," Samuelson said, "and displays of his bats and jerseys always attracted attention." Then then idea came to him that "If souvenirs of Williams draws in the crowds, think about what the man himself could do."

"Details of the project are still in the making," Exhibits Chairman Peter Brown said, "Originally we thought he would be in some sort of Carbonaite, you know like Han Solo. We were gonna have him holding a bat. But instead they have him in liquid nitrogen, which it turns out is really a liquid." Keeping the display at the required 321 degrees Fahrenheit below zero presents another obstacle for the Cooperstown crew.

The Williams family was not immediately available for comment although a spokesman did say that this is an well deserved honor for the last man to hit above 400.

Although this is a new type of exhibit for the major sports the idea is not without precedent. Deep Blue the chess playing machine has been on display in the chess hall of fame in Miami, Florida for over a decade. Also bowling great Anthony "Bullseye" Chavez spent two weeks in the bowling hall of fame in St. Louis, Missouri. Chavez however was alive at the time, and did the act for publicity after retirement. The event was not planned and he had to hide in the bathroom at nights. He left after two weeks when noone had recognized him.

After hearing that Williams will be in the museum, Gordie Howe asked the Hockey Hall of Fame to do the same. However, his doctor informed him that, "(His) body would crumble when frozen, because there are only two bones remaining that are not broken."

Hall Director Samuelson said, "The planned opening date for the Williams exhibit is December 15 2004, when the cold weather will allow for lower energy costs." He added, "only visitors over the age of eighteen will be permitted, because Ted Williams will be naked, dead, and very, very disgusting."

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Starting Rotation

Jason Marquis: 11-4 3.67 ERA, 132 Innings, all for a guy who hardly pitched in the bigs last year. Marquis has made a bid for top man in our rotation, He has been extraordinarily consistant and good. By no means is he great, or on the caliber of Aces like Johnson, Schmidt, or Schilling. However, he comes out every fifth game pitches 7 innings and give the cards the chance to win the game. In addition he is hitting 319 and has good speed. When he is on his game, he looks a lot like his mentor Greg Maddux. Hitting the outside corner to get ahead in the count, then using a good sinker to get ground outs. Marquis get two thumbs up.
Nicknames: JJ, Marky-Mark
Chris Carpenter: 11-4 3.89 ERA 134 Innings, virtually the same numbers as Marquis. He also didn't play the last two years due to injury, still, he made the Cards investment pay off. He could have easily made the all star team, if there weren't a lot of good starters and teams that needed to have a guy make the team. Along with Marquis he gives the cards 22 wins from players that didn't have any last year. Carpenter gets two thumbs up.
Nicknames: CC, The non-penis-eating Carp (as opposed to that in Northwestern's lagoon)
Woody Williams: Woody has fallen off from his all-star form of last year, when he led the league in wins at this point. To use the dumbest cliche ever, he's not getting any younger. He is still good enough to deserve a spot in our rotation, he has a winning record, and always gives us a chance to win. He is very consistantly adequate. Hopefully our record will allow us to give him some extra rest before we get to the playoffs. Woody gets one thumb up.
Nicknames: We got Wood too. Willy Woodams. Old Man Wood.
Matt Morris: Oh Matt, what ever shall we do with you. This is not what he wanted to do in his contract year. Right now he's wishing he had taken the two year extension we offered him. The good news is that he is still 11-7, if he gets his game together he could win 17 or 18 games. The bad news is he has a 4.82 ERA and has had two of the worst starts in his life in his last three appearances. The funny news is that the start in between those two was a complete game shut out. So it's a roller coaster ride. He could end up taking a seat in the bullpen for the playoffs, or he could be our top dog. Morris gets one thumb down.
Nicknames: Matty-Mo. The BP machine. Captain Hook.
Jeff Suppan: I would say Suppan has performed just as we expected when we signed him this offseason. He hasn't missed a start. His ERA has slowly climbed up around 4, and he carries a 9-6 record into August. He doesn't have overwhelming stuff, but he isn't afraid to challenge people by throwing strikes. Aside from his one lowsy start (where he gave up 10 walks, but we still won) he rarely gives guys free passes. His numbers are nearly identical to Old Man Wood's, another aggresive pitcher. He had glimpses of greatness in late June, but mostly has given consistant quality starts that our lineup turns into wins. Suppan gets one thumb up.
Nicknames: Soupy McSouperson.

Ok that should finish off our starters, I may still tell what i think of our bench and amazing bullpen guys, If I feel like it. I need something funny in this post so try this game

The One That Got Away

We shoulda won last night, too bad we screwed the pooch. Taghuchi was brough in for his defense and lost a flyball in the lights. We intentionally walked the bases loaded for Batista after he had already hit a home run. But oh well, you can't win them all. If the cardinals keep doing what they have been doing they'll bounce back and win the series.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Today, boys and girls, we compare the cardinals and cubs shortstops. In the red corner, we have Edgar Renteria, and in the blue corner we have newly aquired Nomar Garciaparra. It's a very fair comparison, both are shortstops, both came into the league in 96, both are free agents at the end of the year.

Looking at the numbers, and the most significant difference is the batting average. Over his career Nomar has hit 323 compared to Edgar's 289. Both guys are right on their career marks this year. The power numbers favor Nomar as well, in his career he has nearly twice as many dingers (although he plays in fenway) and a few more rbis. From the plate Edgar is a very good hitting shortstop, but is still not quite on the same tier as Nomar.

Growing up like I did, "The Wizard of Oz" was not a movie, or book or play. It had nothing to do with witches and yappy black dogs. Instead it was a man who wore number one and did backflips at his early all-star game. Ask anyone in St. Louis (or Chicago after last year) and they will tell you when you're looking at a shortstop, you look at fielding first and batting second. Shortstops get more balls hit to them than any other position. That being said, Nomar is a wonderful fielding shortstop. He has a strong arm and good ability to throw on the run. However, he is not quite on the same tier as Edgar. Renteria has won a gold glove, something that Nomar probably will never do. Edgar has an arm just as strong Nomar, but he also has exceptional range to his left. I am interested how he is to his right, but Rolen doesn't let him get the ball. Also, he is one of the best at turning the double play. He is second in the NL in double plays, on a team with the lowest WHIP (meaning there's rarely someone on base for the double play).

On the bases Edgar is a much better base runner, he has more than twice the stolen bases over their careers. He can bunt for a hit, as well as get from first to third on just about anything.

In addition I believe that Edgar is a better clubhouse guy. The cardinals team this year is a group of guy who all get along, without exception. Nomar on the other hand was run out of Boston after eight years. When his team wanted to get A-ROD, Nomar bitched and moaned when he should have been like Jeter and welcomed a move that would help his team.

For intangables, Renteria has the advantage. Edgar is a couple years younger and has won a championship (and played a major part in the Series), whereas Nomar has played for the two most cursed teams in existance, and is yet to make it to the series. So, overall I'd say it is a toss up, both guys are great shortstops, probably the best two in the NL. If I needed a guy for one at-bat I'd take Nomar, but if I could sign either after this season for the same price, I'd take Edgar.

San Fran Recap

For the last few years the Giants have been trouble for the Cards, especially out west. But this year we managed to split the season series and win 2 out of 3 in SBC (read Pac Bell). Ever since they beat us in the NLCS a couple years ago, I think most cards fans have felt a small grudge. This series was nice because it pushes the Giants and Bonds further from a playoff spot.
I spent the weekend in the Nomarland, where the cubs have officially changed the stadium's name from Wrigley Field to GarciaPark. So I didn't get to see the games, but I did listen to the last game from the mouth of Mike Shannon.
The top two Highlights of the series: Pitching to Barry Bonds (Mr. Juice), and Jim Edmonds. We only walked Mr. Juice once the whole series. Ray King also put a scratch on his body armor when he beaned him in the series opener. He did hit one out on us, but we won that game anyway. He ended up going 1 for 9 in the series with several pop-ups. I want to thank La Russa and Duncan for having the faith in our pitchers to go after Bonds. Last night Woody and Bonds had one epic battle ending in a long flyout to right. That out came in the middle of the Cardinals pitchers setting down the last 20 giants in a row.
Jim Edmonds is the hottest player in baseball, both in baseball skills and sex appeal (Not that I'm gay or any thing, I just like guys, I mean, NO!!!! I like girls, I like girls). Anyway wany anyone who hasn't been in a cave for the last month should know that Edmonds is hitting the ball well. Last night he started out August just like he finished July. He still strikes out at least once a night, but his other at bats are spectacular. It seems like he guesses what each pitch is going to be and sticks with it. When he guesses wrong he looks silly, but when he guesses right, look out.
Morris has become quite the roller coaster ride. His last three starts have me awfully confused. He lost the saturday game for us by giving up 8 and not even making it through the first. The cards magic number against the cubs is 48 and falling.